DSD 2.0-DS Domination – Arbitrage Creates A No Risk Home Business

ds-domination-no-risk-home-businessDS Domination – Arbitrage Creates A No Risk Home Business

Some may be familiar with the term arbitrage, but let me define it here:

DS Domination Arbitrage is the practice of taking advantage of a state of imbalance between two (or possibly more) markets. Combinations of matching deals are struck to exploit the imbalance, the profit being the difference between the market prices.

So what does this mean in simple English? If you can find a situation where you can pay a smaller amount for a resource from one market and then turn around and sell that identical resource to another market for a larger guaranteed price then you are taking advantage of the imbalance between the two markets and realize a no risk profit.

DS Domination does this with the help of Amazon and Ebay to create a no risk home business.

Sound pretty cool right?

I mean, wouldn’t it be great to start a business like DS Domination where all you had to due was buy from one market and then sell to another at a higher price and make a guaranteed profit? What if you found a product that you could buy for $20 dollars and then you could turn around and sell it for $25 anytime you want? That’s the no risk home business life if you asked me!

DS Domination – Arbitrage Creates A No Risk Home Business

But, I have to be blunt with you here, if it was that easy everyone would be doing it. In the real world, to make a risk free profit from an arbitrage you have to be able to spot an opportunity before the next guy does.

So, what I want to do is give you some things to look for to spot DS Domination arbitrage situations so that you can take advantage of them in the future. Knowing what to look for is half the battle, so here is what you need to keep an eye out for…

The Conditions for Arbitrage: (arbitrage is possible when any one of these two conditions is not met)

o The same asset sells for the same price in different markets. (So, if you find an asset that sells for different prices in different markets then you have uncovered an arbitrage situation to that you may profit from.)

o Two assets with the same cash flow must sell at the same price in different markets ( So, if you can find a cash flow to purchase at a discounted rate you can again profit risk free from this imbalance)

DS Domination – Arbitrage Creates A No Risk Home Business

Now these are pretty simple concepts to understand, but uncovering them in the real world and even in your own DS Domination home business situation can be a little bit trickier to accomplish. I want to take you through a few real world examples to help you get comfortable with the application of the concepts listed above. (I want to try to help you to think outside of the box so as you read the examples ask yourself why they qualify as arbitrage according the two rules listed.)

Example #1:

Suppose I were to purchase a house worth $200,000 from a person who was about to be foreclosed upon for $7,000 in cash and then simply took over payment of the mortgage which had $120,000 left to be paid off then I turned around and sold the property for $10,000 below full market value. I would make a risk free profit of $63,000 for simply taking advantage of this situation. Why is this DS Domination arbitrage?

Example #2:

Suppose that the exchange rates in London are £5 = $10 = ¥1000 and the exchange rates in Tokyo are ¥1000 = £6 = $10. I could convert $10 to £6 in Tokyo and convert that £6 into $12 in London, for a profit of $2. Why is this DS Domination arbitrage?

Example #3:

Hopefully this one will hit a little closer to home for all you internet marketers. Suppose I found a website for sale that created a cash flow of $700 a month and I bought this website for huge discount at $3,000 from a “motivated” seller that needed an immediate lump sum of cash to pay off some sort of large debt and I then turned around and sold the website still at a discount for $7,000. I would make a risk free profit of $4,000 dollars. Suppose I chose to keep the website as a cash flow generator, after 5 months I would be into pure profit again. Why does this situation classified as DS Domination arbitrage?

Example #4:

Here’s an example of arbitrage on a smaller scale. As a network marketer, leads are an essential part of your business. Whether you purchase them or generate them on your own you need leads. The bad thing is most leads go to waste because, for whatever reason, most leads are not interested in your particular home business. What do you do with all those “dead leads”?

Suppose you opted to buy 100 leads on a monthly basis for a price of $100. On average, 95 percent of those leads won’t be interested in your home business. What if you could find a buyer that would buy them from you at $2 a piece? You would end up making $90 dollars a month on your “dead leads”. Not only would you get people joining you in your network marketing business, but you would profit anyway. Why is this arbitrage?

If you’re a network marketer this is the most powerful way to make a risk free profit from your business when your are first starting out. I have not disclosed this secret technique to the public yet, but if I feel the market demand is great enough I will create a step by step guide to help others do what I have described above. (If you would like more information you may email me directly at
(info@al-yassa.com )


There are opportunities for you to make risk free profits everyday. All you really need to do is know what to look for and then take the time to look for it. Hopefully I’ve given you a powerful head start!

DS Domination – Arbitrage Creates A No Risk Home Business

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