What I Hate Most About Second Income Home Businesses

What I Hate Most About Second Income Home BusinessesWhat I Hate Most About Second Income Home Businesses

Although being a part of, and learning about the Second Income Home Business industry has changed
my life, my bank account, and my mindset, there is ONE thing that is flat out wrong
about it that you need to be aware of.


This whole home business and earning a second income from home opportunity is NOT just
about the money, it’s about the lifestyle. Well, once when I was speaking with a
great guy from the UK by the name of Roger who asked me a very timely question…
“How much time do you spend on your second income home business?”

I paused for a second, and told him that I only spend about 45-minutes a day on the
active promotion of my second income home business, but also I was sure to let him know that that’s by
design NOT by how the model is set up.

You have to temper everything you do, NOT by how much you want to earn, but rather
by how you want to live, and for the most part this goes untaught.

For the most part, all we’re taught is a supposed duplicable system and nothing

What I Hate Most About Second Income Home Businesses

Sure, we follow this system because we see the financial ends at the end of
struggle, but no one stops to think about the lifestyle they’re creating in the

What’s taught is to always have your phone by your side and always be there day and
night no matter what, like an on-call doctor, to recruit, to support, etc.

But what happens is, even when your successful organization starts growing and your
second income grows geometrically with it your time shrinks in exact proportion.

All of a sudden you become a call center for anything and everything without
regards to you or your well being. I know some very financially successful
marketers who, if I had to choose to switch places with them I wouldn’t touch it
with a ten foot pole because it just isn’t worth it.

They have no time, their entire life is their business, and dedicated as they are,
it’s NOT really the lifestyle business that’s advertised. I personally hate this
part of the business more than anything else.

What I Hate Most About Second Income Home Businesses

I went through it, but I don’t today by design. The reason why I run things online
is because I didn’t want to call leads and I didn’t want to be a successful slave
to the phone for the next 15 years.

Monetary success is not always the best success. Choose the WAY you want to live
and temper all the decisions regarding your business with that vision in mind.

In the end, you may or may not have the largest organization, but you can be assured
you’ll have what’s most important – the lifestyle and the freedom to live as you
wish and that is the real golden egg.

Create a lifestyle by design and build a business to support it and not the other
way around.

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