The Perfect Direct Marketing System

direct marketing systemThe Perfect Direct Marketing System!

Direct marketing is hard. Don’t kid yourself and truthfully don’t even attempt a Direct marketing venture unless you either have or plan to put into place a highly potent and highly duplicatable direct marketing system geared for 2014 and beyond.

Before I tell you what a perfect direct marketing system should look like let’s talk about what doesn’t work for most Direct marketers. As I’m sure you probably know, Direct marketing is notorious for having a 95% failure rate. Let’s talk about why.

Have you ever heard of Occam’s razor?

Basically it states that the simplest explanation for a phenomenon is usually the best. We’ll use this theory to explain why more than 95% of Direct marketers fail.


The Perfect Direct Marketing System

Most Direct marketers fail because the marketing methods that they are taught don’t work 95% of the time. Pretty simple right?

So we’re led to ask the logical next question, what are most fledgling Direct marketers taught?

Well, I can only speak from my experience, but what I was taught was to buy and cold call leads.

Now, I’m not going to say this doesn’t work, but I will say is that after six months of cold calling leads for 3 hours a day with very little success this tactic doesn’t work for me. Don’t get me wrong some people are very good at cold calling leads, but most people aren’t.

What happens to most people after they’ve spend thousands of dollars on leads with very little success after months of effort?

They give up.

Another factor contributing to why most Direct marketers fail is the type of leads they use. Why does the type of leads make a difference?

Business opportunity leads, the leads most new Direct marketers are told to use, are generic. These leads answer an ad that just asks them if they want to be financially free, or make money from home or something like that.

Well . . . of course they do!

But that doesn’t mean they want anything to do with YOUR Direct marketing program. When the average Direct marketer calls these generic bizz opp leads the leads don’t know anything about the Direct marketer’s business and for the most part honestly don’t care. This leads to the fledgling Direct marketer hearing a lot of “NOs”.

The Perfect Direct Marketing System

Hearing NO all the time leads to quite a bit of self doubt, both about the Direct marketers own ability and the validity of their association with their Direct marketing company. Negative feelings begin to harbor and as I said before eventually the Direct marketer gives up, usually with 3-6 months.

The fledgling Direct marketer’s perception of their business goes from one of opportunity to one of complete doubt and negativity. Reality follows perception, so because the fledgling Direct marketer believes both themselves and their business as having little hope this becomes TRUE.

That’s basically why 95% of Direct marketers fail if you asked me.

So how do we change this paradigm?

We build a Perfect Direct Marketing System!

Now we get to the good stuff! What does a perfect direct marketing system look like?

For the average home based Direct marketer to be successful certain thing MUST be in place. I will list them here:

o Lead capture page designed specifically for specific Direct Marketing Company:

This page must contain strong sales copy that tells the prospect why he wants to opt in for more information. The best way to do this is to offer a High Value Free Report in exchange for there contact information.

The Perfect Direct Marketing System

o Free Report specifically designed for Direct Marketing Companies Opportunity:

The free report must be highly informative. It must explain all of the features and benefits of joining the Direct marketing organization as an independent distributor and must focus on the support and resources available to the new recruit should they choose to purchase a distributorship. The company’s products and compensation plan must be clearly explained here as well. If possible, testimonials should be used, as they are extremely powerful sales conversion tools in this portion of the sale process.

o Follow up Email System:

Attached to the Free Report there must also be a follow up system that continually markets through email the program to the lead. Most leads don’t act immediately and must be marketed to at least 7 times before they take action. The email follow up system must have strongly worded sales copy and must have a system for getting through spam filters.


o A Continual Feed Back System that uses the Fear of Loss:

Along the with email follow up system there must be a feedback system that will alert the prospect by email when new prospects opt into the system and invoke the fear of loss during this process by telling the prospect that if the next prospect in line upgrades to a paid position before he does then he will forever loose commission on that prospect. This is an extremely powerful psychological tool.

o Strong Support:

It’s one thing to get someone to buy a distributorship, but it’s a totally different thing get them to work the business effectively. There must be an email follow up system once a new distributor signs on to ensure that he receive adequate training on how to market successfully. There must also be human support at this point. So, there must be strong relationships built between upline and new distributors.

o A Good Product or Service:

In order for this entire marketing process to work, the system must be back by a strong and ethical Direct marketing organization that sells a high demand product that people need and would purchase even if there were no compensation plans attached to it.

o You:

You must be an active part of your business. You must be willing and open to learn new ideas and tactics at all times. You must have a passion for your business and truly believe in the product that you plan to build your organization around.

In Conclusion:

I’ve listed the basic component’s a of a perfect Direct marketing system. This system will involve NO cold calling because the prospect will opt in to request more information specifically about your business before you even talk to them.

Cold calling generic bizz opp leads and hearing a lot of NO’s is what causes most Direct marketers to fail. We want to avoid this at all cost. This is what this system is designed to do!

By having your prospects opt in specifically for more information about your product and business plan and then by giving them a detailed report explaining all of the above before you even speak to them your chances of a successful sales conversion will greatly be increased. The email follow-up and fear of loss systems will increase your chances successful sales conversion even further. These factors will cut down on the number of NO’s that the you must endure before success. This will increase your home business’s duplicability vastly.

Further, having uniform training and exceptional support are the basics and must be present.


Before you spend another dollar on your Direct marketing efforts ask yourself if you’re using a perfect Direct marketing system. If your answer is no and you aren’t having any success then ask yourself what you can do to change your system to one that will work for you and your future distributors using the principles that I have detailed above.

I struggled with Direct marketing myself using the old fashion methods, but as soon as I studied internet marketing and how to apply it to Direct marketing things got a lot easier. I was able to spot Direct marketing organizations that were specifically positioned for internet marketing and earmark what I thought to be the best of the bunch. After that, it was simple a matter of choosing the one that with what I thought had the “best product”.

You can view my choice here: http://prosperwithebay.com. As a result of making this choice I recruited new members my very first day without having to call anyone or hear thousands of NOs. All I do is get traffic to my website and I make money.

Direct marketing can certainly make you rich, that is… if you have the perfect system in place!


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The Perfect Direct Marketing System



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