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Hi my name is Al-Yassa and I am the creator and author of

I created this blog because I used to be sick and tired of my 9-5 job working as a Vaccine Scientist. I just disliked working for someone else and sitting in meetings that seemed to never end. And that’s why I started a home based business and Real Estate investing.

I created this blog because I want to meet, network and give back to other newbie entreprenuers and Real Estate investors who are in the same situation just like I was…and hopefully my story can help inspire you to discover a better alternative just like I did when I started a home based business and Real Estate investing, being my own boss, and making serious money.

But before I get into all of that…let me just tell you a little bit more about myself.

Although my parents are both from Guyana South America, I was born in NY and grew up in Prince Georges County Md and graduated from Howard University with a degree in Medical Technology. I got my first job at 15 working as a teen tennis instructor, then through the years I worked as a lifeguard, waiter at Friendly’s, Long John Silvers, retail sales, heating and AC apprentice, and roadie for an ALL GIRL band (YES!!!)

My hobbies include ol’school video games, reading and studying Law of Attraction principles, and spending time with my wife and kids. I love playing tennis, basketball and will soon take up golf. I also developed a 7 minute exercise routine that suits my body just fine. No more long hours in the gym.

Growing up, I went through something that a lot of people are experiencing today–FORECLOSURE–

I didn’t know at the time, I just thought we were moving. Two years later we were able to get another house, but this time, my mother decided to invest in Real Estate at the same time. Her Realtor convinced her that she would be able to afford it and her Realtor guided her in getting started. Looking back, this was my first lesson in seeing how a coach/mentor can help you succeed.
My mother went on to own five houses, all with tenants. As a teen, I hated the fact that she owned a bunch of houses because I was the one doing all the painting, carpet laying and cleanouts when people moved. My mother didn’t believe in paying someone for something she could “make” me do ;-)

Fast forward a number of years and my hate for Real Estate turned to love. After being in Corporate America for 2 years I realized that getting a job with a Fortune 150 company wasn’t what it’s glamorized to be. I just ended up being a worker bee in a big hive. I was an overeducated underacheiver. I worked 40-70 hours a week making vaccines, worked 2nd shift (4p-midnite) and never saw my newborn baby girl at the time, and didn’t have enough money left over to take a decent vacation with my family.

That life got old real quick. Fortunately for me, I was getting and reading Success Magazine so it opened up my mind to the possibilities of doing something on the the side while working my job. And that’s when I found that starting an MLM business and investing in Real Estate at the same time was my ticket to freedom. I did both part time for a number of years and was finally able to retire from my job at on June 30th 2006, retirement party and all!

Sure, my friends used to laugh at me when I promoted my MLM services to them, but their opinions weren’t paying my bills or getting me closer to seeing my kids grow up. Now nearly six years away from my old job, I don’t miss it at all. I mean, I have some great memories there too, but the memories and everyday reality of being with my wife and kids every waking moment is much better. By utilizing systems in my MLM and Real Estate investing, I’m able to leverage my time. The systems do all the “heavy lifting” so I can still have a life.

My five point philosophy is:
1.Acknowledge and handle your personal credit situation
2.Start a side business
3.Leverage online systems to become profitable FAST
4.Acquire cash flowing real estate
5.Equity acceleration

This philosophy allowed me to cross over to Millionaire status in just two years.

Now obviously, this is a shortened version of my story, but if we connect, I’m sure you’ll get the insider’s view, lol.

Who I’d like to meet:

So that’s why I created this blog. These five points really changed my life and I would love to network and work with like minded people and really get the word out. So I encourage you to leave me a message here on the page, check out the page that says “Work With Al-Yassa Directly”, or better yet feel free to give me a call at 267.202.3137. I would love to chat and hear your story.


Al, I enjoyed reading your story how was being a manager of a all girls band? I attened a HBCU also. I have a rental property and working on more assets.

Al turk
Al turk

I have my hands on a goldmine with and i recently relocated to phoenix, az. And was wondering what are some things that i can do out here to expand my business rapidly. We offer the very best price on gold, silver, coins and bullion. I am a friend of yours on facebook and i will appreciate any and all advise. Thanks.


Hey Raymond, thx for sharing. Working with the band was great, man and A LOT of fun, lol. Which HBCU did you go to? Add me on facebook:


Hey Al, there oaree tons of things you can do to build locally. First, identify your market or "ideal customer." Here is a training I did that will help you understand what I mean.

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