In order to learn about direct marketing, we must first understand what DIRECT MARKETING is.

Direct marketing as defined by Drayton Bird, DIRECT MARKETING consultant and former vice chairman of Ogilvy Mather Direct, is “Any activity by which you communicate directly with the individual and they respond directly to you”. This is an all-encompassing definition that includes telemarketing, mailings, advertisements that include reply slips and the Internet.

To learn more about DIRECT MARKETING consider that DIRECT MARKETING can be broken into two groups: business-to-business and business-to-consumer. These two groups share many of the same strategies and tools measuring effectiveness; however, business-to-business make decisions differently and may have different targets including achieving a return on investments.

There are several tips that Drayton Bird discusses to educate direct response marketers about direct marketing, such as selecting a target and specifically marketing to the intended target. Begin your communication with information that addresses and interests them. You must learn to specifically define the personal benefits for the consumer.
Another tip that can assist us to learn about direct response marketing is to get to the point. Be sure to present your information in a clear and concise manner. Answer every possible question that could potentially be asked about the product.
Another essential piece of information that can help us learn about direct response marketing is to realize the importance of print. Print is the outstanding choice of medium for direct response marketing. Print is inexpensive to produce. Print is highly portable. With the availability of modern technology it is probable and highly possible to hone your target group or set of individuals.
No matter what avenue of direct response marketing you choose to take, a key to learn about direct marketing is to continue to try new approaches and strategies. Research certain strategies and why they are more effective than other strategies.
The ultimate tip : “Keep on trying, keep on practicing, and keep on testing.” And continue to learn about direct marketing.
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Kareem Williams

This is a killer post, thanks a million for sharing.


Thank you for that post. It's great that you are helping to educate people about direct marketing. In these times, it provides hope and opportunities for communities around the world. DB

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