DSD 2.0 DS Domination Is Not Like These Three MLM Companies

DSD 2.0 DS Domination Is Not Like These Three MLM Companies

Looking at MLM companies, you will find some of the largest and most successful companies in America. The following is a sample of the largest MLM Companies and a brief description of their history. If you are considering starting your own MLM business, one of these companies might be the one you are looking at closely.

ds-domination-mlm-companiesDSD 2.0 DS Domination Is Not Like These Three MLM Companies


Among MLM companies, Amway is considered to be an innovator. Part of the Alticor group, Amway had sales of over $10 billion. Its world headquarters is located in Ada, Michigan, where over 300 scientists continually research new products and ways to improve existing ones. Founded over 45 years ago by Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel, Amway is known for their sales meetings and the excitement they generate. They offer more than 450 products ranging from vitamins to household cleaners. Amway distributors do not have to purchase any products for inventory and Amway will buy back any unused, resaleable products from their business associates.

Pampered Chef

Many MLM Companies are jealous of the success of the Pampered Chef.
Doris Christopher started the company when she realized that there was a need for quality kitchen tools. Today, the Pampered Chef is a worldwide operation with more than 70,000 independent Kitchen Consultants. Their cooking demonstrations have become extremely popular and are key to their success. Meetings are causal while the Kitchen Consultant uses the products to make a fresh treat for the guests. Also, they have been successful in raising money for needy causes. Pampered Chef has collected more than $7 million since 1991 to fight world hunger.

Mary Kay

Mary Kay, Inc. is one of the most successful MLM companies. As a direct seller of skin care and cosmetics, they have achieved worldwide sales of nearly $1.8 billion. Founded in 1963, Mary Kay beauty consultants have been advising women on the secrets to beauty and health. Their home beauty consulting sessions have been the standard in the MLM industry.

DS Domination is very different, in that, it is a training platform that teaches the average everyday individual how to sell on Ebay and Amazon. All the money you generate from those sales is 100% yours to keep. DS Domination also has a very strong affiliate compensation program attached to it. Affiliates earn up to 75% of revenue generated through the affiliate program. For me, it is the fastest path to a 7 figure business from home.

DSD 2.0 DS Domination Is Not Like These Three MLM Companies

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