An E-Mail Marketing Campaign Can Draw New Business

E-Mail Marketing CampaignAn E-Mail Marketing Campaign Can Draw New Business

E-mail marketing campaigns continue to attract lots of interest within the Internet. Using a bulk mail approach in your e-mail campaign is the best way to broadcast your message over a large audience. Whether you are promoting a product or service, reaching as wide an audience as possible is one of the keys to success. However, there has been some criticism that some bulk e-mail programs are spam and sending unsolicited emails across the Internet.

How receptive is the market for E-Mail Marketing Campaigns? Very much so, if you consider the increased usage of e-mail over the last few years. E-mail is considered to be the most used option on the Internet. Some 96% of Internet users say that their main reason for being on the Internet is e-mail. Businesses are e-mail is significant numbers as well. It is estimated that 53% of Internet users check their e-mail more than once throughout the day.

Effective E-Mail Marketing Campaigns can draw a significant amount of business to you in a relatively short time. The response rate to e-mail advertising is more than that of direct “snail” mail marketing and other forms of communication. The delivery of e-mail marketing program is almost instantly. Often, within hours you can receive a large number of responses.

Here are some tips for e-mail marketing campaigns

•Use newsletters that offer useful information to your potential customers.
•Autoresponders can effective after people opt-in to your e-mail.
•Start forums and discussion groups that can post messages.
•Have a corresponding website to your email program.
•Make personalized replies when customers contact you.

Don’t allow your honest e-mail marketing campaigns to be confused with spam. Sending unsolicited bulk e-mail can result in severe penalties. Have a double opt-in option included in your e-mail to insure that you won’t be accused of illegal practices.

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