An Aggressive Internet Marketing Tactic – Increase Your Website’s Link Popularity

Aggressive Internet MarketingAn Aggressive Internet Marketing Tactic – Increase your Website’s Link Popularity

As stated above an Aggressive Internet Marketing tactic is to increase the link popularity of your website.

Increasing your link popularity is an Aggressive Internet Marketing tactic because it can be a powerful boost to your website’s search engine ranking.

Search engines use software called spiders to crawl from one web page to the next.

It’s much easier for a spider to find your website if it’s linked to multiple other websites.

Search engines give web sites with good inbound and outbound links a higher ranking than those that do not.

Increasing your link popularity is also a great traffic building tool because linking to other website will potentially bring you EXTRA TARGETED TRAFFIC from the referred site.

More is not always better when it comes to website linking.
Link popularity is how many other sites link to you, but what you really need to be more concerned about is the search engines link analysis.
This process goes way beyond link popularity.

The search engines evaluate the popularity of the sites that link to yours as well as how closely those other site relate to yours and then use this to increase or decrease you websites page rank. With this in mind, your best aggressive internet marketing strategy is to link with only the best and most relevant sites to yours.

A small number of inbound links from highly relevant sites is much MORE important than linking with many low value and non relevant sites.

Increasing your link popularity is important to the overall health of your website, but it should not be obsessed over.

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