#1 Web Site Promotion Tip and Strategy

Web Site Promotion Tip and Strategy#1 Web Site Promotion Tip and Strategy – It’s the content that counts!

Read this page Carefully!!!

The #1 Web Site Promotion Tip and Strategy when it comes to the website promotion of your home based business opportunity is…

You must be the king or queen of content.

Reasons for this can get to be very complex, so what I’ll do is highlight the steps to making this strategy a success for you.

The first step to your web site promotional success is choosing the right topic for the content of your website.

How do you choose your topic?

Easy, just think about the things that you are passionate about. For me, my passion is the home business industry. So, I chose home based business opportunities for the topic of my website.

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But, lets get back to the topic at hand, content = #1 Web Site Promotion Tip and. This strategy is based on the C-T-P-M formula. That is, Content – Traffic – PreSell – Monetization. If you build a quality website full of top notch Content this will bring you traffic.

If the Content of your website truly is quality then it will PreSell your web site visitors to click through to your affiliate offers or to buy your products.

And… This is exactly what you want!

There is very subtle point here about this crucial web site promotion tip and strategy, if your Content has done its job correctly then your visitors will be in an open to buy frame of mind. This is exactly what you want to happen.


It all starts with Content!

Creating a website full of Quality Content is my #1 web site promotion tip, use it.

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